World Hunger
It may be possibly increase the availability and variety of food by improving agricultural productivity and reducing seasonal variations in food supplies. Pest-resistant and stress-tolerant crops can be developed to reduce the risk of crop failure due to drought and disease. More nutrients and vitamins may be bred into plants, combating the nutrient deficiencies that affect so many of the world's poor. Crops could be made to grow on poor soil in marginal lands, increasing overall food production. via (FAO)
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Imagine never having to take another vaccine in your life. Imagine your booster shot could be as simple as eating a fruit or vegetable. Through genetic manipulations, scientists have been able to develop a hepatitis vaccine that can be taken via a banana. This discovery can significantly reduce the cost for vaccines, and therefore provide vaccines to third world countries as well. 
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Benefits and Controversy 

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                                    Legal and Ethics



Some organizations are worried that with Agricultural Biotechnology the genetic pool will be altered in the wild. They believe that the mixture of genetically modified plants with natural plants will make the plants evolve further and erase previous species. The idea sounds far fetched but it is possible due to scientists’ knowledge of DNA and evolution. The elimination of these previous species can alter the ecosystem.

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Potential health risk

Although genetically modified foods are tested, people believe that there are dangers to consuming them

Interfering with Nature

People think food we consume should be grown the normal way and should not have to be done in a laboratory. It is considered unethical.

Food Supply

Genetically modified foods have the ability to solve world hunger. However, scientists argue that there will be a increase dependence on industrialized nations by developing countries as world food production would be dominated by few companies

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